(Individual identities' confidentiality regarded)

"Thank you for being an excellent listener and helping me become a better person. Your sessions helped me notice and understand myself better."

"I am very grateful for the counselling you provided to me and remarkable was in which I was brought back to being that strong person that I have always been. I use the tools you taught me constantly!"

"You helped us by getting straight to the point in dealing with our problems. We are very thankful for helping with the reconciliation of our relationship and showing us practical ways to improve our lifestyle."

"Thank you so very much for moving that ‘big rock’ from our lives. We are incredibly grateful there are kind and dedicated people like you, who make such a great contribution to happiness."

"Words cannot express my gratitude for all that you have done for me! You have taught me many skills which have not only helped me with the tragedies I have had to endure, but surely will assist me into future obstacles that life may bring."

"Great sessions tailored to our individual needs with clear, specific goals and tools to accomplish them."

"There was very little positive communication in our family life. Our two teenage daughters did their own things and listened to little input into their lives. In the group family sessions, Regina taught us how to respect each other, how to talk to each other, how to resolve conflict, and gave us skills to set up positive boundaries. We are all very thankful to Regina that our family is growing closer together."

"Your approach to assisting me with my situation was non-intrusive. It made me feel very comfortable to ‘open up’ in our sessions."