In Person Counselling Services

Advanced Therapeutic Counselling offers In-Person Counselling and Coaching for individuals, couples and families who live in the immediate area and also for those willing to travel to do a full or half day session. While both telephone and in-person counselling have their individual benefits, it is optimum to be able to meet in person and work face to face. Many of my clients combine in-person sessions with phon and e-mail work. In that way, they experience the benefits of meeting in-person, establishing building rapport, and then continuing with advantageous choices which can satisfy the need of unexpected time restraints If you live within driving distance and choose to do a half day or a 2 - 3 hour evening session, these options are also possible at any one of our three locations. In-Person Counselling appointments are 55 minute sessions, and can be double booked, a preference choice for most of my clients. This facilitates less driving time and reaching personal goals in a more time efficient manner. If you feel a 55 minute session is sufficient for you, I am here to assist you in meeting your goals in the best way possible that is most convenient and efficient for you!

Call Advanced Therapeutic Counselling, leave a message for me and I will personally return your call within the same business day. 604.612.6204

Regina Elizabeth Case, MA, RCC Registered Clinical Counsellor (Registration No. 0912) 604.612.6204