Are my fees covered through by company?

Many extended health care plans cover the professional services of Registered Clinical Counsellors in a variety of ways. Please check your plan booklet, human resources department, or insurance company for details about your coverage.

Do you accept Visa, MC or Interac?

Advanced Therapeutic Counselling accepts payment in the following ways:

  • INTERAC  eTransfers
  • Cheque/Cash

Payment is due upon completion of each session.

I do not have a lot of time to attend weekly counselling sessions, and wish there was another way to get the help I need.

At Advanced Therapeutic Counselling, we offer you:

  • a choice of scheduling 2 hour sessions, with the potential of minimizing your driving time,
  • face-face counselling alongside with telephone counselling when time is of the essence,
  • telephone counselling (Click Here) and,
  • weekend counselling sessions, tailored to your needs.

Do you prescribe medication?

No. Only medical doctors and psychiatrists prescribe medication.

I have tried to deal with my depression for years. When I see my counsellor regularly I usually feel better. Then when I stop going, I go deeper into my depression. How is your practice different?

Here at Advanced Therapeutic Counselling our slogan is Short Term Counselling, Maximum Results. I work with clients to release their emotional pain, to empower individuals with practical, innovative tools to keep their pain away, and to teach practical realistic life style changes to promote optimum physical, mental and spiritual health as desired.  Developing a dependent relationship with a counsellor is not my vision for client success.

I have tried many techniques to release emotional pain. They work for awhile and then they resurface. I would like to find something that works the first time and for the duration. Can you help me?

Yes, I have helped countless clients like yourself release their emotional pain, and depending on your full cooperation and commitment in your therapy sessions and beyond,  your emotional pain will stay away.

I have experienced anxiety and panic attacks for years, Medication does help me, and yet I would like to be able to deal with these without being medicated. The only thing is that I am afraid to go off my pills as that gives me anxiety which is the very reason why I am on them. Can you help me?

Absolutely. The very first thing is that you need to speak with your doctor to find out if he/she advises that you go off your medication. They will know best as to the correct course of action. If your medical practitioner agrees, then he/she will put you on a program to slowly decrease your dosage. I can help by teaching and empowering you with new tools that are simple and efficient to use. The more you use them, the less frequent your anxiety attacks, and the less likely they will develop into full panic attacks. Like anything else  you have to believe in the new system, trust it, and use it. A carpenter who does not use his hammer cannot build a house.

We want to separate and/or divorce, but do not want to go to court. Yet my husband and I can’t talk without getting into arguments. Can you help us?

Yes, I can. I teach our lifetime 'Conflict Resolution Skills Program.' Mediation services employ the skills of one mediator to assist both of you. If that doesn’t work, we advocate the Collaborative Family Law Process.  Click here to read my co-authored article on Collaborative Family Law, and contact to assist you in starting the process.