About Regina Case, MA, RCC

Mental Health Care - Registered Clinical Counsellor

Regina Case, MA, RCC is a Clinical Therapist who owns Advanced Therapeutic Counselling.  Working    within an association-approved scope of practice, she offers a variety of educational and mental-health related services for individuals, couples, families.  

A Message from the Therapist:

Hello! Welcome to Advanced Therapeutic Counselling! When choosing a counsellor, I believe it is important to get an insight into the life of the professional whom you may be choosing to work with:   To describe myself on a personal level, I am the mother of four adult children, the youngest of whom is a high risk cancer survivor. Throughout my personal journey experiencing the high’s and low’s of life, I learned that when life gives us a tough call, its how we deal with it that either makes us either fall or rise to meet the new challenge. Sometimes we just can’t do this on our own, and need to reach out . . . .   My life experiences through these difficult years compelled me to turn these experiences into ‘the good’ to help others with the insights and wisdom that I received. So I welcomed my clear calling to make a career change from working as a professional educator in the BC school system, to becoming a BC Registered Clinical Counsellor working with both children and adults.   At the end of the day we are all human and have our daily life challenges and beyond. Do you feel overwhelmed by your present situation at work, relationship(s), finances, or family life at home? Would you like to feel empowered in dealing with your own negative thinking patterns, anxiety, relationship conflict or sleepless nights but are at a loss in knowing the ‘how to?’ Do you feel your children, spouse and others want more from you than you have time and energy to give? Are you at that stage where couple counselling may be the only answer to save your marriage? Are you at that place where you know its over, and desire an amicable separation that focus’s on the ‘best interests of your children?’ These are just some of the many issues I assist my clients with. We work toward creating positive solutions and gifting specialized ‘tools’ upon completion, so you can achieve and maintain your own goal centred, positive changes.   My clients appreciate the practical programs, are empowered to move forward, and look toward to their future with hope. I look forward to working with you.   Please send me an email or contact me through the Contact Page, and I will respond within the same or next business day. Best Regards, Regina Case, MA, RCC Advanced Therapeutic Counselling email: a.t.c@shaw.ca Short Term Counselling * Maximum Results

What We Do

We save you countless dollars by using new, innovative therapeutic approaches in short term therapy, with maximum results. Then we set up monthly 'check-in' sessions as needed.

Why ATC?

Measurable and sustainable results.

Results come from first completing a thorough assessment of your personal situation. Full commitment is absolutely necessary to achieve your maximum benefits. Results are completely measureable and sustainable through the use of our innovative tools. With correct and consistent usage, these results will be reflected in the new quality of your life.

Achieving Personal Goals

Everything we do is tailored to your specific needs, In short, share the results you seek, and I will  help you achieve your personal goals.

Our Modalities Have Reliability and Validity

    • I teach the use of appropriate skills and new tools followed by a ‘hands on’ approach to help you practice them 'in session' in the context of your individual circumstances.
    • I work with your reality. You will always receive an unbiased straight answer, and not necessarily what you may be expecting to hear.