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Welcome to Advanced Therapeutic Counselling!

Welcome to Advanced Therapeutic Counselling, my professional clinical practice that offers a high standard of service. For twenty years I have been helping individuals, couples, families and groups let go of their emotional pain and the endless frustration of unmet needs that obstructed their pathway toward optimum solutions.

As an oncology parent I personally experienced and felt the emotional pain of others. When the dynamics of our family’s routine life changed, I had to change. There were new ‘learning curves’ every day. The impact on my life compelled me to turn these experiences into ‘the good’ to help others with the insights and wisdom that I received. The more clients who came into my office, the deeper I recognized emotional pain as the source of most issues.

As the owner and psychotherapist of Advanced Therapeutic Counselling my search to help others deal with different levels emotional pain came to fruition in 1999, when New Stream® Therapy was born. (View video)

I am committed to helping you resolve your issues, concerns, or deeply rooted problems. I have the experience and expertise to help you through this difficult time.

My motto is ‘Short Term Counselling, Maximum Results’ as I believe in empowering my clients to move forward in quality time. Of course where multiple issues are present, time is given in accordance to the resolution of each individual issue.

Through my offering of an array of services and solutions (Click Here), with your full commitment and participation, be assured that your counselling investment can meet and potentially exceed your expectations.

With the New Stream® Therapy protocol, specialized approaches and the gifts of practical skills and new tools, I will help you customize your goals and work toward reaching your desired solutions, whatever that may look like for you.

Call 604.612.6204 to book your free 30 minute no obligation consultation.

A Holistic Approach

At Advanced Therapeutic Counselling we focus on the whole person, and I am committed to finding the best fit solutions for your issues. All you need to do is bring them to the table, be open to new ways of doing things, welcome the skills and tools given, and use them for your personal success!

Everything we do in our counselling sessions, in tandem with your desire to use the gift of our new skills and tools, is focused on one overall result: to work together with you in a team effort to produce your desired positive impact in your life, that has the potential of improving and/or changing your life forever.

My Specialties

Throughout my post graduate and continuing professional development training, more than 38 years experience as a parent, 20 years of clinical work in private practice, 7 years as an educator in our BC Schools, and a full range of lifetime personal experiences, I have acquired knowledge and gleaned wisdom to assist and empower you in dealing amicably and successfully in all areas of your needs.

Root Issue Specialist. For many problems there are often deeper root issues. These come in many forms, including negative or irrational life beliefs. Once discovered and released in therapy, my clients share they have a greater sense of discernment to recognize and deal with them in a positive way using their counselling gifts of new tools.

If you want assistance in discovering and proactively dealing with your root issues, whether it is in your relationship, family, work, social or personal life, call now at 604.612.6204 for your first 30 minute free, no obligation consultation!

Relationship and Marriage Therapist. I help couples let go of past hurts and stories that keep regurgitating and choking any hope of reconciliation and a life time of happiness together.

Parenting Counsellor and Child Specialist: I help parents deal with any issue from toddlers through to teens. There is always a solution to a problem, and it is helpful to see a therapist at the onset of problems before they delve into deeper concerns. Having been a parent of four now adult children for over 35 years, and having assisted many families in dealing with all types of behavioral issues, I am well prepared to help you with your specific needs and just a call or email away.

Divorce Coach. Many couples have come to me either at the beginning of their decision to separate, after retaining individual lawyers, during their litigation process in Supreme Court, or even upon completion of their court process. Most clients tell me they are emotionally and mentally exhausted, and some have forfeited most of their savings.

My counselling experiences have evidenced that once couples agree to release their emotional pain, they then regain their energy to focus on either rekindling their relationship or having an amicable separation. New Stream Therapy www.newstream-therapy.ca has proven to be highly successful in assisting in this area.

Anxiety Training. Throughout my past personal and professional experiences, I developed a highly successful short program that works well for children and adults alike. If you or your child/children have been suffering with anxiety and/or panic attacks for any length of time, call 604.612.6204 and book your Brief ATC Treatment for Anxiety Disorders.